Public transportation is still one of the popular travel and commuting methods all over the world because it is both economical and environmentally friendly. But one of the biggest challenges for people to use public transportation is that it doesn’t always go as we think it should, which means we need help with that.

Let’s think about these questions: Have you ever missed your bus or even missed the stop due to the inaccurate ETA displayed by your current transit app(s)? Have you ever felt frustrated when traveling overseas, just because you couldn’t actually enjoy your trip and fit in with the pace of the city? Do you need to download separate apps every time you travel to different cities or countries?

Transit provides a service that lets you plan your trip based on real-time traffic. It also has an alarm feature which frees you from checking your phone from time to time to check your destination.

  • Date: Oct 2015

  • Title: Transit App
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TRAN.SIT is a real-time public transportation app that provides users with a better trip thanks to its awesome features. It contains over 180 city maps in multiple countries, which makes it the best partner when travelling overseas. With TRAN.SIT you can plan your trip with our selected routes based on real-time traffic situation, which prevents you from wasting time on waiting at the station. Our Auto-Alarm prevents you from missing any stops again, also frees you from staring at your phone and you can enjoy the view of the city while in the bus. No more finding and keeping tickets in your pockets with TRAN.SIT’s electronic ticket system, with which you can manage all of your public transportation cards with just a few taps.
Nowadays public transportation is still one of the best options for commuters and travelers when it comes to efficiency and environmental conservation, especially in walkable cities, such as San Francisco. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of public transportation compared with other transportation methods is that its standard time schedule is not going to work for everyone. That is the reason why we have so many transit apps on the market—it still has a long way to go. The intention of TRAN.SIT was to be the most customized transit app for our users, providing the best customer experience with cutting-edge technology.